Interview with “Viva Model Management” representatives

Last Friday, we hosted representatives of the well-known Paris model agency «Viva» – Julie and Margo. Here is our interview with them!

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Hello Julie and Margo! Nice to meet you, welcome to Saint-Petersburg!

J: Hi!

M: Hello!

Viva Model agency is a strong international model agency with its history and reputation in the fashion industry. Viva has educated and trained many famous models such as Natalia Vodyanova, Kristy Hume, Karolina Kurkova and other famous personalities of the fashion world. Can you share with us some secrets of success?

J: I don’t think there is a secret. It is a hard work everywhere. There is a hard work for the models, and for the agency, it’s a teamwork between the agency and the model – understanding each other and communicating.

In your own opinion do you think that a beautiful girl can be trained to become a top model? Or it rather depends on the circumstances and luck?

J: No, I don’t think it’s all about luck. I think nothing happens with luck. The luck is being at the right place at the right moment and in modeling business it means that the girl is ready and she meets the right people at the right time, but again – it’s a lot of work. Nothing is free and nothing happens by miracle. It’s a combination of many things.

What is your attitude to the modeling business in Russia? Do you think here are some special trends that stay from one year to another? What are the week and strong sides of the Russian fashion industry?

J: Well, we do know much about the Russian fashion industry. You have so many fashion magazines – like Instyle, Vogue Russia, Interview… They are growing and there are lots of Russian top models, lots of new faces who are possibly going to be top models one day, because Russian girls are very beautiful and they have beautiful bodies…

M: And they are becoming better and better I think, they are more opened that before, they speak a bit better English now, what is really important to succeed.

J: We have had a really big surprise at the castings. We saw that girls were really nice. The cliché that Russian people are a little bit arrogant is absolutely wrong. We had a very good feeling being this week in Russia.

Can you give some tips for our models? How should they behave at castings? Maybe there are some important rules?

M: I would say that the first rule is – they should listen to you – to the agency. You know really what you are doing, so they should follow your advice – eating healthy, going to gym regularly. During the casting they have to smile. Even if they don’t speak good English, but when they are smiling – it’s very cute.

J: There is a lot of competition, so the girl needs to be more than just pretty. And the clients want to have a nice moment with the model – it’s not just about being in shape and being here, you have to be nice and make the whole team happy and glad that everything went well. And you want the client to book you again, so you have to be nice.

M: And charming. They should not be cold. Even if they are stressed they should be like an actress – pretend that they are a little bit more comfortable then they are.

J: They have to know too many things about this business. They can meet with very interesting people, they can travel, it suppose to be good – when a French agency comes to sign a contract – so you should be happy and show it to the client.

What skill do you think is the most important for the model? The way she presents herself, her manners, speech, or ability to look different every new shooting? Or it’s only about her appearance?

J: I think the key is to be clever and the skill to adapt herself to every situation.

M: I think that the most important skill is to have the feeling of the people. You can guess what they expect from you. You know that you don’t know much and that you should listen to people that have more experience than you. It’s basic – but it’s not the case.

J: Every client is different, so everyday you have to act differently. I will repeat: you have to be an actress.

M: Models should be flexible. Being clever – is being flexible to many situations. Some people are crazy, some people are not polite sometimes in this job, sometimes you just have to change your planes at the last minute. But you have to understand at the long term that you have to go to this job and you have to keep smiling and say “thank you”.

Our agency Andy Fiord Models is happy to have such a strong partners as you. But how do you feel about this partnership?

M: We love you!

J: We want to work with you very much!

M: You look very professional to me.

J: We were very surprised that all the girls are in shape, introducing themselves very well, so that is a very good sign.

M: We also like the fact that you train them by sending them first to Asia for them to having some practice to know a little bit of English. It helps a lot, because Paris is the first trip and it’s very difficult. Having bit of a modeling experience in Asia is a first good step and it prepares models very well for the career.

Which Russian models do you like the most?

J: Natalia Vodianova!

M: It’s hard to choose.. There are lots of professional and good models.

Thank you for the interview!

J: Thank you!

M: It was nice to meet you!

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