New ICEBERG collection as part of ELLE Fashion Days

ICEBERG fashion show took place yesterday in St Petersburg as part of the ELLE Fashion Days project and was organised in cooperation with Andy Fiord fashion Advertising. Collection was represented by new brand creative designer, Alexis Martial.

The show was directed by our talented art director Sergey Lukovsky (AFFA).

Models of Lukovsky Model Agency and Andy Fiord Models were walking down the runway!

Our models impressed guests and designer’s team with their professionalism to such an extent that latter invited girls to participate in the Milan fashion show!

Photo: Stas Medvedev

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Our photographers’ works recognised by international agencies

We are extremely proud of our photographers who apply their passion in order to deliver highest quality pictures! Their works produced for our models have been picked by the best of the international model agencies including spanish ‘Traffic’, featuring photos of Anna Kazannik by Dima Smirnov and Slavyana Kurzaeva, and greek ‘Ace’, which published pictures of Lenka Varvarova by Sergey Misenko and Ksenia Malgina.

You can watch their works on Traffic and Ace websites.


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