Tamara Kostochko: model and designer at the same time! Check our interview with this beauty!

As everyone knows, a talented person achieves success in evething! And the fashion industry isn’t the only thing where our models can show their talents!)

A brilliant proof to that is Tamara Kostochko! Apart from her beautiful work in front of photographer’s lenses, she designs amazing clothes. Having looked once at her sketches, you’ll have no doubts about her talent! ;)

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Tanya Glotova shares her favourite restaurants in St. Petersburg!

If a #foodporn hashtag is one of the most popular on your Instagram – then you definitely love to eat not only delicious dishes, but beautifully served as well)

Our lovely Tanya Glotova regularly shares with her subscribers the locations of the most delicious places around the world and what’s more important – the places with warm and cozy atmosphere!)

We collected few Tanya’s recommendations for you. Read, watch, smack your lips and choose a place for a Friday night dinner!)

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