Our lovely Angela speaks about the fashion industry in Japan!

We keep sharing our impressions about our models working abroad with you! After all, every country and city represent the unique culture, dictate their own ways of communication and, of course, make you familiar with the new things in the fashion industry.

Our beauty Angela Filippova is a frequent visitor to Japan! She has shared with us some interesting facts about fashion industry in Osaka and Tokyo, and told us what she fell in love with in Japan!

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The model and business woman! Arina tells her story about creating a successful business!

Who doesn’t like ice cream? ;) Especially on a hot summer day when there is a thirst for something cool and refreshing!) Because the summer has finally come to Saint Petersburg, we give you a great tip on how to not just cheer up but to make it in a special and a very tasty way – with the help of Dippin’Dots – the nano-ice-cream!

Our lovely model Arina Strizh shared with us the history of her own business!

Read the Arina’s interview and go to a nearby store to taste this amazing ice-cream!

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Interview with Alena Frolova

Straight from Hong Kong and just before leaving off to Milan our beautiful Alena droped by and gave us a short interview!

1) How did you end up in modelling business?

I always wanted to be a model. Once I decided to have a professional photoshoot, following which ‘Eva’ model agency representatives found my pictures on the net. This very moment Andy Fiord Models opened its doors and was actively looking for new faces. Head of my agency was working with AFM so they introduced me to Ekaterina Romanova. One moth passed and I travelled to work overseas for the first time!

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Tamara Kostochko about her favorite books

As Voltaire said: “To read a book for the first time is to make an acquaintance with a new friend”. Today, our beautiful model Tamara Kostochko (AFM) names her favorite books!

Tamara: My favorite book is ” Martin Eden “by Jack London. In my opinion, it motivates one to develop personally and learn more about oneself. It also cultivates love for work. I want to note a fascinating love story and an unexpected end characterising this work. My list of favourites surely includes “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.. Sellindzhera D., “The Moon and Sixpence” by C. Moem and a “Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov.

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AFM models talk about their work in Hong Kong

We continue to ask our models about their work abroad! Today Olga Zakharova and Olesya Perova share their experience in a great city of Hong Kong!

Olga Zakharova

Adaptation: It was my third time that i travelled to Hong Kong for work. Despite this fact I felt a bit nervous about going to this huge city. Nonetheless it took me little time to get used to its scale and infrastructure. In general, I didn’t have any problems as it wasn’t my first trip to China and i was already familiar with Chinese culture.

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AFM models talk about their experience in Paris

We continue to ask our models about their work abroad. This time Natalia Bulycheva, Lena Varvarova and Anna Vostrikova talk about their experience in the center of the World fashion industry – city of Paris!

Natalia Bulycheva

I really liked Paris and I had no issues while adapting to this city. I feel safe here. As for the Parisians, they are very responsive. If you get lost in the city, they will always help you find the way. Anyways you can easily go anywhere by bicycle.

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AFM models tell us about their work experience in China, Shanghai

Ornella Loginova

City atmosphere and adapting to new place: When I arrived to Shanghai for the first time I was amazed with its size and the pace with which the city lives. At the same time everything seems to stay in harmony: skyscrapers, new technology and developed infrastructure one the one hand and simple Chinese living and traditions on the other. It must be the most contrasting city on the Planet. In order to adapt to living in China one has to take everything easy and take into consideration the fact that white person in China is attracting a lot of attention. Chinese people are very open and they can openly express their interest in you: they can point at you, shout out “hello” or try to speak chinese to you. It’s absolutely normal.

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Angela Filippova shares her experience and modeling success formula

Q: Was it your dream to become a model or it was something that just happened?

A: I went into modeling unexpectedly for myself. While for my entire childhood my mom was watching Fashion TV, I wasn’t really into the World of fashion. Also I never considered myself as good looking. But everything changed when I met Katya Romanova. She said that people will be in love with my smile and that’s when everything started!

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