Anna Lindman shares her secret of staying fit

Q: How do you manage to stay in good shape?

A: I always try to eat healthily and fast from time to time. In addition, I do sports. These days I spend a lot of time rolling and jogging in the park. I also love swimming. It’s a great exercise to stay in shape as while swimming you are using all of your muscles and lose loads of energy.

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Dance master-class with Andy Fiord Family

We are inviting models of Lukovsky Model Agency and Andy Fiord Models along with AFFA friends to take part in a free jazz-funk master-class!

Great experience and flow of energy are guaranteed!

Join us on the 2d of August (Saturday) at 14:00 in the MadStyle Dance Center (Nevsky Prospect, 32-34).

You can receive additional information by calling +7 (911) 210-00-86 or sending your enquiry to


AFM models tell us about their work experience in China, Shanghai

Ornella Loginova

City atmosphere and adapting to new place: When I arrived to Shanghai for the first time I was amazed with its size and the pace with which the city lives. At the same time everything seems to stay in harmony: skyscrapers, new technology and developed infrastructure one the one hand and simple Chinese living and traditions on the other. It must be the most contrasting city on the Planet. In order to adapt to living in China one has to take everything easy and take into consideration the fact that white person in China is attracting a lot of attention. Chinese people are very open and they can openly express their interest in you: they can point at you, shout out “hello” or try to speak chinese to you. It’s absolutely normal.

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