The model and business woman! Arina tells her story about creating a successful business!

Who doesn’t like ice cream? 😉 Especially on a hot summer day when there is a thirst for something cool and refreshing!) Because the summer has finally come to Saint Petersburg, we give you a great tip on how to not just cheer up but to make it in a special and a very tasty way – with the help of Dippin’Dots – the nano-ice-cream!

Our lovely model Arina Strizh shared with us the history of her own business!

Read the Arina’s interview and go to a nearby store to taste this amazing ice-cream!

1. Please tell us about your fashion model career, did it help you in building your own business?

My fashion career started when I was 21 years old. After graduation I went to work abroad. Just in a few years in the fashion industry I visited many countries and cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, etc. I’m very fond of Asia, it’s where I always been noticing a lot of interesting ideas which I wanted to bring to life.

Of course, fashion career has taught me to work hard and be responsible for my actions.

2. How have you come up with the idea of starting a Dippin’Dots business in St. Petersburg?

The idea to have my own business came to me during a recent trip to Shanghai. My sister and I discussed the details and we decided to organize our own enterprise. In the beginning there were a lot of different options, but not all of them seemed exciting and feeling right. We have been looking for something interesting, with the idea behind it, something that would be surprising. After some time we received an opportunity to purchase a franchis of the American brand of Dippin’Dots desserts and we bought exclusive rights to work with its production in St. Petersburg.

Dippin’Dots desserts are made in America, and we are certified importers of their products. In the USA, as well as thoughout the world, the Dippin’Dots is a well-known desserts brand which has been present on the market for 25 years. We’re very glad that now more people in Russia will know about the nano-ice-cream too. At the moment we do our business together with my sister. You might call it a family business 🙂

3. Tell us about the dessert itself? How does it take its form, such an unusual for the ice cream?

Dippin’Dots nano-ice-cream is a scattering of colored balls each like a small bead in size. For its production the extremely low temperatures (-70 °C) are used. For its storage the low temperature (-30 °C) is maintained too – it is necessary to preserve the unusual form of the ice cream. To add up on this, Dippin’ Dots ice cream is considered low-cal which is, of course, the good news 😉 And there isn’t only ice cream in the lineup, but also fruit ice, sorbets, and even frozen yogurt.

4. How many kiosks do you have in St. Petersburg at the moment and how do you promote your business?

We’re very happy that the number of our nano-ice-cream fans is growing up. We’re slowly expanding as well, there is currently a Dippin’ Dots ice cream delivery in St. Petersburg. The idea with the delivery seemed very cool to us. Since nowadays everything is being delivered right to the home, why not do the same with ice cream 🙂 People liked it and its now a popular service. There are currently 6 of them in St. Petersburg.

We are actively taking part in interesting city events. The most recent one in which we participated – was big food festival “O da, Eda!” and half a month ago, we worked on the launch event of the new Volvo XC90 in the Konstantinovsky Palace and took part in Geek Picnic and more.

5. What difficulties did you face when you started to run a business in St. Petersburg?

Personally, at some point I realized that I started to do something I’ve never been doing before. I had to learn real quickly about how to do business, communicate with different people and quickly grasp new information. The accelerated course in Business Management)

6. Do you create all the nano ice cream advertising campaigns by yourself?

We do some advertising by ourselves but mostly we use the already prepared promo materials. We have no permission to change the logos and slogans as we’re working with the franchise.

7. Looking back, can you now analyze some mistakes made during the creation of your own business? If there were any, of course 😉

I think it’s too early to speak about some big mistakes (and hopefully we’ll never have to :)). I think that few of the most important personal qualities for running your own business are responsibility, restraint and dilligence, as you often had to work a lot.

8. How often do you eat Dippin’Dots desserts yourself?

I just love Dippin’Dots. In fact I tried this ice cream for the first time in Seoul (Korea) 4 years ago (Dippin’Dots is also being produced in South Korea) and already back then I’ve been completely delighted by it.

9. Could you give some motivating advices to our models?

I always tell the girls to be themselves, never be scared of difficulties and constantly move forward!