Dmitriy Dionesov for Esquire, Hong Kong

In the shoot for Esquire Hong Kong Dmitriy Dionesov perfectly suits the image of a genuine nobleman in his countryside residence, a spoilt young man with the porcelain skin, idle and self-enamoured. We would say that he embodies the whole idea of the aristocracy there. Sophistication, delicasy, exquisiteness – these are words that come to mind when you see these pictures.

Dmitriy Dionesov for Esquire Hong Kong

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Violetta Nikolaeva: test shoot Hong Kong

Say hello to Violetta aka Vivi Nikolaeva! With her peculiar look she could easily land the role in a new Tim Burton’s movie. However, despite her demonic gaze, Violetta is very cheerful in person. These days you can meet her in Hong Kong, getting used to skyscrapers and Chinese people. Hope the combination of her unusual beauty, strong personality and a great will for working will help her in her future career.

Violetta Nikolaeva: test shoot Hong Kong

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